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Math News and Events



  • Leslie Smith

    Leslie Smith named as a 2022 American Mathematics Society Fellow

    Congratulations to Leslie Smith, the newest member of our department to be named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2021.  She was named for contributions to applied mathematics and particularly fluid mechanics. The …

  • Fred Brauer

    In Memoriam: Fred Brauer

    Fred Brauer, professor emeritus, died on 10-17-2021 in Vancouver, BC.  Fred obtained his PhD in 1956 at MIT and was a member of our department 1960-1996. He served as department chair 1979-1982. Mathematics Genealogy lists …

  • Jordan Ellenberg’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

    Jordan Ellenberg wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post which was published on 8/31/2021; “Coronavirus vaccines work. But this statistical illusion makes people think they don’t.” In Israel for a time, more vaccinated people were …

  • Michael Voichick

    In Memoriam: Michael Voichick

    Professor Emeritus Michael Voichick died  on July 1, 2021. Michael Voichick received his PhD from Brown University in 1962 where his thesis was on function theory.  He was the John Welsey Young Research Instructor at …

  • Jordan Ellenberg featured on BYUradio’s podcast Top of Mind

    Jordan Ellenberg continued on his tour to promote his new book “Shape: The Hidden Geometry of Information, Biology, Strategy, Democracy” as a guest on BYUradio’s podcast “Top of Mind”. Link:

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