Yue Sun wins top prize in Gallery of Fluid Motion in APS Fluids meeting

Yue Sun, a student of Chris Rycroft, won the top prize in the “Gallery of Fluid Motion” competition at this year’s annual Americal Physical Society Fluids Meeting!
She did her beautiful experiments in Saverio Spagnolie’s AMEP lab in Sterling Hall.  The video is lovely and worth watching even if you’re not well-versed in fluids or math!
(Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzlPvtDmtAE)
The Gallery of Fluid Motion is a contest started a few decades ago to showcase the beauty of fluid dynamics.  It used to be a small affair with only photographs, but over time has become highly competitive, so this is no small feat!
Congratulations, Yue and the team!