This is a page that will hold links to other pages for purposes of administration.

Some of these items need restriction, and some don’t.


  • Administrivia lists teaching related items, such as the (current appoximation to the) Math Department’s timetable.
  • Computing contains information about computing policies, tips, and procedures.
  • Facilities/Safety  If you notice a building safety problem or a needed repair, click here.
  • Forms
  • General Administration has information about campus apps, forms, rooms, and who to contact.
  • Graduate Student Hub has information specific to graduate students, their travel, and what they need to proceed through their career here.
  • Historical Data has just historical information (faculty, chairs, Ph.D.’s) from our department.
  • Human Resources has links relating to benefits, hiring, social security, moving expenses, graduate student stipends.
  • Instructor Guides are now in the Instructor Library:
  • Publicity Resources has links to photos and items used in the production of our newsletters.
  • Quals contain resources for helping graduate students prepare for qualifying exams.
  • ResearchConducting Mathematical Research on Computers.
  • Room Scheduling | Just want to see if a room is busy?  Link
  • Teaching contains to links to historical teaching data, classroom support contacts, and teaching support details.
  • Travel has spending policies and procedures specific to travel

Department Apps

  • Copy Center:  Got a big job for the Copy Center?  Submit it here.
  • EAS Early Alert System:  Got a student who isn’t prepared for the semester?  Submit their info to get them help.
  • Help The Help App will help remind you about things you need, such as your quota or your copier code.
  • Mathlab  How our TAs can sign up for Mathlab shifts.  (More about Matlab here….)
  • MANS  Math Advisor Notification System.  Students must complete their prerequisites successfully; this app checks for people who may have gotten a D or F in a prerequisites for a course and notifies relevant people (advisors, students) if they try to register for the next course in a series.
  • VVAdmin:  Need to adjust Math directory information?