Concerns about your Math Courses?

Comments or Concerns: The Department of Mathematics values feedback from its students. In case you wish to make a comment on the teaching of the course(s) you are taking in the mathematics department, whether to express a concern, a complaint, or to transmit a compliment, please consider contacting your instructor or TA first.  If you feel that such a step is inappropriate under your circumstances, or you do not feel that your concerns have been adequately addressed, then please contact the associate chair (, regarding instructors), or the TA Supervisor (, regarding TAs).

Grade Appeals: If you wish to appeal a grading decision, please contact your instructor first. If you cannot come to an agreement with your instructor, then you may provide a formal written grade appeal to the associate chair of the mathematics department ( The written appeal must include: the class, instructor, copy of the course syllabus showing grading guidelines, grade received, date and conclusion of meeting with instructor, the specific reason(s) for appealing the grade, and email address where you can be reached for follow-up. The documentation must demonstrate how you were either incorrectly graded for the work you did or treated in a way that was inconsistent with the standard grading policy/practice for all students taking the same course. L&S Grade Appeal Policy