Conducting Mathematical Research

The Math Department runs several linux workstations throughout the department that we allow anyone with a math department ID to log into, both from the console and remotely. Programs can be run on these systems for mathematical research.  We have several programs installed on all of these systems, that may assist users in conducting their research.

Check out the Applied Math Lab!

How to connect to our computer servers

Programs you can use….or write your own.

  • Programs available from Command Prompt Linux
  • In addition, we have several machines licensed for the program Magma.   Those machines are idenfied below, in our list of research machines.
  • If you are writing custom code, let know if you need a module or package installed.

What machines are available, and where to look for more help.

If you’d like to have more power than a standard workstation can provide, there are several servers we use exclusively for research, which may have more RAM, CPUs or function as a condor submit node to the resources available at the Center for High-Throughput Computing (CHTC).   For more information on the CHTC:  The name is misnomer; they do both HPC and HTC.