Graduate Awards

The following Awards are given to graduate students from the Department of Math.

Skinner Fund for Graduate Students:  This was established to assist both undergraduate and graduate students to travel to conferences and workshops related to the student’s interests to advance their knowledge and academic careers.

Mathematics Graduate Student Support Fund:  Annual awards made to outstanding graduate students who show promise of mathematical creativity and originality.

John A. Nohel Prize is given to a graduate student that has written an outstanding Ph.D. thesis.

Germond Scholarship is given to assist graduate students in the Department of Math and/or Physics.  Each department should award on alternating years.

Excellence in Mathematical Research Award is given to students for significant and substantial contributions to research in mathematics, as part of their thesis work towards a Ph.D.

Henry Schaerf Mathematics Graduate Award is given to a graduate student who has demonstrated promise in their academic work.

Elizabeth Hirschfelder Prize is given to an outstanding female student who has demonstrated promise in their academic work.

Math Department TA Awards are given to students who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom.