August 1, 2020


Dear Graduate Students,

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics!

We hope that you are looking forward to a demanding and rewarding experience in our graduate program.

In order to ease your transition into graduate school, this Handbook was prepared for you by department staff, input from graduate students, and the support of the Graduate Program Committee. It provides information about the graduate program, your responsibilities and opportunities as a TA, the department,and life in Madison. In addition to policies and details about the requirements of the graduate program, it also contains advice from other graduate students who have learned the ins and outs of being a student here.The graduate program administrator and the graduate studies coordinator will do their best to help you if you have further questions or concerns.

All the members of the faculty want your stay here to be as productive as possible. Always remember,you are here because of your love of Mathematics. You were admitted here since we  believe thatyou have the talent and dedication to earn a PhD. We trust that you will live up to this promise and wish you a most successful graduate career.

Sincerely yours,

Betsy Stovall
Director of Graduate Studies