Employment Resources

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Erdos Institute Invitations to Industry

Dates: Mondays and Thursdays
Time: 12 – 1pm ET
Mode: virtual

Industry Panel: Google

We will have PhD alum Paul Tveite speak about using a mathematics degree in industry, specifically at Google. He currently works at the Google Madison office on network infrastructure. He will talk about some of the uses of mathematics at Google, discuss interviews, internships, and resumes, and leave plenty of time for questions.

Date: 9/17/21
Time: 12-1pm CT
Location: 911 VV

SuccessWorks Job & Internship Fairs

Date: various
Time: various

Job Talk in Software Development and Data Science

current alum, Wil Cocke (Developer at ARCYBER)

I mostly work as a software developer with an emphasis on data science projects dealing with various Command specific projects. The data science life-cycle is fairly consistent across industries: collect, clean, explore, model, interpret, and repeat with a goal of providing insight to the organization. During my talk, I will share some lessons learned for mathematicians interested in transitioning to software development/data science.

Date: 9/27
Time: 4pm
Mode: hybrid

Job Search Strategy for International Students

This workshop introduces a well-established framework and processes for a successful U.S.-based job search. Learn how to efficiently target companies that sponsor H-1B visas and hire international students; build and expand your network in the American context with LinkedIn searches, informational interviews; and make meaningful connections with employers. Take away a four-step framework to optimize your job search game plan and effectively network to get your foot in the door.

* Feel empowered to build a career in the US with practical approaches to conducting a domestic job search with tools and resources provided by your career center
* Discover how to target companies that sponsor H-1B visas
* Learn to cultivate and use professional connections American-style through strategic networking and informational interviews
* Leverage your story, skills, expertise, your university network and brand to achieve your career and life goals
* Practice how to use your cultural diversity as an advantage and effectively convey your story to hiring managers

Dates:  9/28, 10/26, 11/30 or 12/28
Time: 3-4pm CT

Internship Panel

Current students and recent alum talking and answering questions about their experiences at the following locations:

American Family
Los Alamos National Lab
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sandia National Labs
Two Sigma

Date: 10/1/21
Time: 12-1pm CT
Location: 911 VV

AWM Women in Leadership Panel

Ruth Charney, American Mathematical Society President
Kathy Ensor, American Statistical Association President
Kathryn Leonard, Association for Women in Mathematics President
Tomi Mori, Caucus for Women in Statistics President
Jennifer Quinn, Mathematical Association of America President (to be confirmed)
Omayra Ortega, National Association of Mathematicians President (to be confirmed)

Date: 10/29/21
Time: 4pm EDT



WiSolve’s mission is to provide graduate students and postdocs hands-on experience in industry and business while working with clients across a range of sectors and topics, including projects with WARF and D2P.

WiSolve works with many local businesses and university affiliated start-ups to provide consulting services that our members lead and execute. In addition, members gain valuable networking and professional development skills through various WiSolve sponsored events.

Information sessions: 9/28 or 9/30 at 6pm CT, register online

Job Postings Via Email

(by due date)

due 10/15/21

Stanford Science Fellows


due 10/24/2021

Grinnell College | Two Tenure-Track Positions in Math

mathjobs link: https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/list/18046
Grinnell application portal: https://jobs.grinnell.edu/postings/3871

no deadline | begin July 1, 2022

Colby College

Tenure Track Assistant Professor https://www.mathjobs.org/jobs/list/18256
Visiting Assistant Professor https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/93129738451