Leaving the Math Department

Checklist for Graduate Students Before Leaving Campus

We hope that you have had a happy and productive experience at the University of Wisconsin. Please follow this checklist to make sure that you understand your obligations to the Mathematics Department and also what you can expect from the Department.

Your Responsibilities

  • The records and information that you create and maintain as part of your job responsibilities belong to the University and the State of Wisconsin. While certain categories of information constitute personal records, they should be maintained separately from records that are clearly part of the University official records.
  • Check with the Department Administrator (215 VV) regarding any official records you may have in your possession and the proper disposition of them.
  • Graduate students who were working on special projects, please give us your notes or important papers relating to the project.  This information can be passed down to other students who continue working on this project.
  • Digitally preserve your time at Math. This may include:
  1. Making a backup of the content of your home directory;
  2. Making a backup of your math mail;
  3. Deciding how to best forward your math mail address;
  4. Deciding how to best forward your website traffic;
  5. Thinking about your account’s termination and how long you’ll need to use it;
  6. Sign up for the Math Alumni Site:  https://mathalumni.math.wisc.edu
  7. Consider registering with the Wisconsin Alumni Association. WAA is how we communicate with our alumni.

For help with any of these, please ask the IT Manager (515 VV).

  • Clean your office–especially, the le cabinets, desk drawers and bookcases after making sure that important papers have been archived appropriately and that any data with confidential student information has been appropriately archived or destroyed. Please don’t leave stacks of paper in your office, recycle it or put in the garbage what you don’t want.  The Math Department is chronically short of office space. You can expect that your office will be reassigned to someone else after you leave.
  • Remove any personal belongings from shared areas, such as the break room.
  • Return all department textbooks to the Copy Center (220 VV).
  • Please return your office & building keys to the Chair’s Secretary (223 VV). A key replacement fee of $75.00 per key will be assessed and billed if you do not return your keys.  If this is not paid or keys are not returned, a hold may be placed on your academic records.
  • Talk to Payroll (214 VV) about benefits and payroll. They can discuss health insurance continuation if needed and the costs.
  • Change your address in MyUW. Any official university correspondence needs to be able to go to the correct address. This includes tax information, diplomas, and other miscellaneous information. The University will send to international addresses whereas the US Postal Service will NOT forward mail to an international address.

Math Department Termination Policies

The Math IT staff will remove math accounts in October and March of each year. We only terminate accounts for people who have been gone for more than 3 months. If you wish to use your account for a longer period after you leave, please discuss your options with the IT Manager.

While we take steps to archive accounts during this process, we cannot guarantee long term storage of your data, and would prefer to work with you to insure you have a working copy before you leave. Forwards to email and/or websites are not indefinite.