Private Tutors

The Math Department maintains a list of graduate and postgraduate students who earn extra money by doing private math tutoring.  The cost of a private math tutor can vary widely and it is best to be clear on the costs of such assistance at the outset.

Please fill out the form below to request help from one of our private tutors.

We are receiving a large number of requests for private tutors this semester. Depending on your request, there may not be a tutor available. If you are UW student the Math Learning Center has services for most undergraduate math courses, or there are additional services across campus.

Private Tutor Request Form

This is a form used to request a tutor for private instruction.

  • If you want a potential tutor to contact you via text or call, we'll need your phone number.
  • A course number will mean the most to our tutors, who often are TAs in our courses. More specific descriptions might help us in cases where you are not part of the UW.
    this is to give the potential tutor an idea of the age/outlook of the student.
    remember, we can't call or text you unless you've provided a phone number for us.
    This is to help match your request with the appropriate tutor. The more you offer, the more interest you'll garner from our tutors.