Recording/Videoconferencing Equipment

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Owl Meeting Pro

Meeting Owl

Ease of Use:  Very Easy.

Use Case:  Small conferences or seminars.

How to use:  plugs in via USB to provide a room webcam, microphone.  Position laptop near end of table to allow everyone to see laptop or use a projector.

Pros:  Very easy to use, focuses on person speaking

Cons:  Without a projector, and without seeing a screen, the participants can feel disconnected.

Obsbot Tiny AI webcam

Obsbot Tiny AI camera

Ease of Use:  Easy

Use Case:  Want to record a chalk talk.

Using your laptop, you can use the Obsbot on a clamp to record using Zoom or any other app.

Pros:  Connects via USB to any laptop, allows you to lock onto a subject with a hand signal, follows the subject.

Cons:  Doesn’t always “unlock” the subject.  Animated speakers may inadvertently “unlock” and need to relock.

Epiphan Pearl Mini

Ease of Use:  Difficult

Use Case:  You want to record an event with multiple inputs; camera(s), mic, laptops.

The Epiphan works best as a video mixer.  It allows us to collect different sources, adjust them as necessary and choose layouts.  That becomes a template, and that template can be streamed.

Pros:  Can add multiple sources, can adjust them as needed

Cons:  Very complex.