Research for Students

Students can work with our faculty to produce research at any level.  Many programs work to match faculty and students in various projects, or faculty can work directly with students on independent studies.

Madison Experimental Math Lab 

The MXM’s mission is to enhance and support undergraduate research within the Department of Mathematics and the University of Wisconsin, and in line with the Wisconsin Idea, to support departmental efforts to engage local, state and national communities through outreach.

URS (Undergraduate Research Scholars)

This program offers undergraduates opportunities to work in small group research with faculty members.  Students must apply to be part of this program (link above).  To read more about how Gloria Mari-Beffa worked with 3 undergraduates in the Spring of 2015, check out the 2015 Math Department newsletter.

REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)

Most summers, undergraduates can apply to work directly with faculty on research in specific fields.  The application process changes each year, but you can read more about the REUs in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the 2015 Math Department Newsletter.

In Summer 2022 the Mathematics Department will offer an (in-person) NSF supported research experience for undergraduates (REU). Students will work in small groups under the guidance of a mentor to solve non-trivial research problems in pure mathematics. The primary goal of the program is to give students a sense of what research in pure mathematics is like. More information can be found on the program website.

COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, formerly MCM, Mathematical Contest in Modeling)

This is a yearly contest offered through this consortium to solve global issues with mathematical modeling. For more information, ask Saverio Spagnolie.

Students interested in independent study are encouraged to talk with their advisor and the participating faculty member in designing and implementing research projects.

Applied Math Lab

The Madison Applied Mathematics Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research lab with a primary focus on fluid-structure interactions and soft matter physics. Problems are investigated using a wide range of tools, combining experimental measurements, numerical simulations, and mathematical modeling and analysis, with the primary goal of understanding fundamental physical phenomena in complex systems. The lab is one of a small number of physical labs across the country housed within a mathematics department. It is located in room B323 Sterling Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.