Graduation Information

Students must apply for graduation via their Student Center to indicate that they are nearing completion of their degree. See the Office of the Registrar’s website for information and instructions about this process. We strongly recommend that you apply for graduation as soon as possible.  Applying to graduate sooner can help identify if there is an issue.

In addition, we advise students to do the following:

  • Look at your DARS report. Read it over carefully to find deficiencies-if you are meeting all requirements to graduate, everything will be GREEN. Be aware that each major (if you have more than one) will have its own DARS report.
    • In addition to seeing everything green, you should look for “>>ALL REQTS COMPLETE PENDING FINAL REVIEW–IN PROG CRSES USED<<” at the top of your DARS. If you see this, then everything is in order to graduate, as long as you keep and pass your currently enrolled courses and meet GPA requirements. An advisor will not have any additional information for you beyond verifying that line, so if you contact an advisor about graduation, please send specific questions.
    • If you are thinking about dropping a course or are worried about a grade in a class and if it will impact your graduation status, we encourage you to speak with an advisor.
    • If your DARS reports “>>> ALL REQUIREMENTS COMPLETE PENDING FINAL REVIEW <<<“, then no in-progress courses are being used toward requirements for that major or your degree requirements (humanities, social science, etc.) Changes to your registration will not impact graduating with that major, but may impact graduation status in another major.
  • Check to make sure your major(s) is/are declared correctly in your Student Center. That is, make sure you have officially declared and/or canceled majors so that the list of majors on record is exactly what you want for graduation. If not, go to the individual departments to declare or cancel a major. This also applies if you have declared Honors in the Liberal Arts (L&S students) or Honors in the Major.
  • Talk to an advisor about questions you have about meeting requirements or something you may not understand on your DARS.
  • Review the Commencement website for graduation check lists & celebrate!