VISP/MA Student Post Graduation

Spring 23:

30 students graduated, 21 of them have been admitted to Ph.D. programs. 

University of Connecticut, Math (2 students)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Math, (7 students)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Engineering,

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Biomedical

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Missouri, Math

Duke University, Computer Science

University of Huston , Industrial Engineering

University of Illinois- Chicago, Math

University of Utah, Math

North Carolina State University, Applied Math

Northwestern University, Math

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Math

International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, Math


Spring 22

29 students graduated, 14 of them were admitted to Ph.D. programs  

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Math, (6 students)

Vanderbilt University, Biomedical

University of Georgia, Statistics

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Math

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mechanical Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Boston College, Math

Texas A&M University, Math

University of Arizona, Math


Spring 21

28 students graduated,  10 of them were admitted into Ph.D. programs 

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Math, (5 students)

Purdue University, Computer Information and Technology

University of Minnesota, JD

University of Science and Technology of China, Information and Computational Science

University of Toronto, Statistics

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Math