Wolfgang Wasow Lectures

Wolfgang Wasow

Wolfgang Wasow was a Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics. The Wolfgang Wasow Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture made possible by a generous endowment established by his children after his death in 1993. Professor Wasow joined the Department in 1957 and was Chair from 1970 to 1972. He retired as Rudolf E. Langer Professor of Mathematics in 1980.

Wolfgang’s research speciality was asymptotic expansions and their applications in differential equations. He wrote three, now classic, books “Finite Difference Methods for Partial Differential Equations” (with G.E. Forsythe) published in 1960, “Asymptotic expansions for ordinary differential equations” published in 1965 (revised in 1976), and “Linear Turning Point Theory” published in 1985. Among his non-mathematical interests were music, literature, and languages.

Wolfgang Wasow Lecturers

Year Lecturer
1996 Jürgen Moser
1997 Joseph Keller
1998 Louis Nirenberg
1999 Cathleen Morawetz
2000 L.C. Evans
2001 Peter Lax
2002 John-Erik Fornaess
2003 Nancy Kopell
2004 Michael Christ
2005 Stan Osher
2006 Elias M. Stein
2007 Barry Simon
2008 Yum Tong Siu
2009 Michael Crandall
2010 Peter Markowich
2011 Henri Berestycki
2013 Laure Saint Raymond
2014 Christopher D. Sogge
2017 Benoit Perthame
2017 Sylvia Serfaty
2018 Hitoshi Ishii
2019 Vladimir Sverak
2021 Jon Chapman
2023 Rupert Klein